Project Kick off meeting

Yesterday (6th September) the TIGER core project team had their first face to face meeting (since funding was announced) to confirm progress so far on actions of recruitment to the team and plan the next phase.

All the team are really excited to be involved in this work and really looking forward to the opportunities which TIGER will provide.

I commented on the timing of this call and the ‘fun’ of trying to coordinate a project which is starting at the beginning of the academic year and will have a final project write up at the end of the academic year – when several key people will be on hols…….we will avoid the student trap of leaving ‘things to the last minute’ and get reports well out in time.

We will be using this blog for the general reflections on the development of the project in addition to the occasional tweet with the #tigeroer or the more general #ukoer.

I’m now working on the development of the formal website and a long list of action points from yesterdays meetup (Steering Group , Recruitment, Project Plans etc…).

We agreed on a commitment to have regular blogs from a cross section of the team so come back often (or subscribe) to see how we get on.

Rob Howe

Project Director (TIGER)

The University of Northampton


About tigeroer

Project TIGER Project Director
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