Designing for openess

Yesterday, the TIGER team were treated to an afternoon exploring how to design for openness at the BDRA Media Zoo.
Ali, Sam and Gabi talked enthusiastically about their experiences on the Otter project and we picked up on many tips which will hopefully save us time on TIGER.
Following presentations on the CORRE methodology and a demonstration of material loaded into, the team (in groups) worked through some of our own material. We considered the key challenges of turning materials into OERs from the perspective of Content, Openness, Reuse and Repurpose, and Evidence.

The 13 people attending were left in no doubt about the challenges we faced but were heartened by the work which had gone before us which we should build upon.

Many thanks to Ali, Sam and Gabi for putting together a great session for us.

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2 Responses to Designing for openess

  1. gdenby says:

    I don’t recall the earthquake during the presentations…. all rather blurry LOL!!! Still, perhaps this demonstrates how to get around consent issues, if you cannot quite recognise anybody?

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