TIGER supported OER discussion at ELESIG

On 17/9/10 I introduced the TIGER project to members of the ELESIG Midlands group.
The group included members from Lincoln, Loughborough, Staffordshire, JISC RSC, Coventry, Northampton and private developer Learning Anorak Ltd.

We had a good discussion over the nature of OERs and how they could be blended into a learning environment for students – where students would be encouraged to find their own path.

A further update will be provided at the next group meeting.


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3 Responses to TIGER supported OER discussion at ELESIG

  1. tbirdcymru says:

    I am very interested in the question of how do students regard OERs. I have a feeling that they use them (YouTube immediately comes to mind) without knowing that what they are doing is ‘using an OER’. Using a broad brush here, of course.

    Terese Bird
    Learning Technologist, University of Leicester

  2. tigeroer says:

    Hi Terese
    Thanks for your comment on this. I would imagine that the most carefully crafted OERs are blended into a Learning Environment without the student really realising that they are actually accessing material from many different sources.

    I hope we will obtain more data on the actual usage during the piloting phase.



  3. tigeroer says:

    Also wanted to just record the availability of the BDRA YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/bdraprojects

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