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OER IPR Support News The OER IPR Support Team is pleased to announce the launch of the OER IPR Starter Pack at http://www.web2rights.com/OERIPRSupport/index.html. The Starter Pack begins with a short video which gives a concise overview of the issues everyone will encounter when creating OERs, and then pulls together some Briefings, Guides and Tools which will enable you to produce content that is re-usable and re-purposable. The Pack also takes you through the process of understanding third party rights, and developing a process for clearing rights and tracing rights holders. It contains templates and forms, and there is guidance on how you can get to grips with Creative Commons Licenses and choose the most appropriate licence for your content. The Pack has been created by the OER IPR Support Team, a team led by Web2Rights Ltd (Naomi Korn, Neil Witt and Alex Dawson), with JISC Legal (Jason Miles-Campbell and his team) and CC UK (Prodromos Tsavios). Amber Thomas Programme Manager, Information Environment Team, JISC Innovation Group JISC Executive, University of Bristol 2nd Floor, Beacon House, Queens Road, Bristol, BS8 1QU Email: a.thomas@jisc.ac.uk Website: http://www.jisc.ac.uk Skype: amber_thomas Mobile: +44(0)7920 534933

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