Tigers on the Horizon

The annual Horizon Reports identify emergent technologies, trends and challenges that will effect Higher Education on a global basis over the next 5 years. (http://wp.nmc.org/horizon2010/). Mobility and Open Content are considered the focus for the next year.

The 2010 report doesn’t (yet) mention TIGER but certainly the trends implicit in it- including

  • The internet provides an abundance of resources and opportunities for forming relationships, which challenges educators to rethink their roles in favour of an increased emphasis on helping students to make sense of and assess the credibility of the information that is out there, and on mentoring them to prepare them for the world that they will enter upon graduation.
  • People expect to be able to study whenever and wherever they want to. In a busy world, faster approaches are often perceived as better. This places an emphasis on ‘just-in-time’ and ‘found’ ‘informal ‘ learning, as well as informal sources of education.
  • Technology is increasingly cloud based. This is changing not only the way that we use technology, but also how we conceptualise it, with physical location taking a back seat to functionality.
  • Students’ work is becoming increasingly collaborative, and across campuses multi-disciplinary initiatives are being undertaken. Although the Horizon report notes that this trend is not as pronounced as the others, new tools and approaches are making such collaboration easier.

TIGER is resource sharing focused (rather than predatory!) and is directly addressing the any time, any place for learning that is so important in health and social care. It’s nothing if not collaborative…for staff as well as students.  We’re peaking over the horizon, don’t you think?

 Prof Gilly Salmon TIGER steering group.


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