Observation of a practical-based learning session

I observed a practical-based training session in the Loughborough Hospital this Monday and Tuesday (8-9 Nov 2010).

15 IPE students studying different subjects: Medical, Nursing, Pharmacists and Social Workers, most of them are in their final year, took part in the training. The students were put in four groups (3-4 students in each group) to work together throughout the 4-day event.

The 4-day event was featured with different practical activities, including a group-based case study in which students learn about discharge policy, process and care package for an elderly patient, a group presentation based on their case study, presentations and discussions led by practitioners and experts in different fields, and an elderly simulation.

I had the opportunity to talk to the tutor and a couple of students about the need for accessing learning materials and resources in place of work. I see the potential of OERs in ways of:

  • There is a value to convert the materials used for this practical session into OERs so that other practitioners and educators in IPE could access.
  • Julie Cliffe, the Medical Student Educator for this session thought that it would be useful for students to access policy, procedure and protocol types of resources in work placement.
  • Some students stored learning materials or resources on their laptops so that they can access in place of work.
  • 1/3 of the students have iPhones or Smartphones that they use for accessing the internet. They can also use them to access materials if we make OERs in mobile format.

I also see challenges as some students do not see the need and relevance of accessing materials in place of work:

  • No student brought laptop to this training session. They said that all the materials were given beforehand in print format, and there is no need for accessing other materials.
  • I do not think that the firewall in the hospital is very restricted because I can access the Medical websites and databases if I need to.
  • I’m very busy when I’m working in hospital. There is no time and need for accessing materials.
  • When I’m in work placement, all I need to access is records of the patient. If I had any questions, I consulted with my mentor or peers.
  • The social workers have a need to access the electronic format of a patient’s records or background information when away at work. There is no strong need for accessing any other types of materials.

Ming Nie, 11 Nov 2010


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