Rob Howe’s reflections on TIGER

As part of the last team meeting we were all tasked to blog what TIGER meant to us. This would be used during the relections at the end of the project.

For myself TIGER represents a massive opportunity to be involved in a community development of Open Educational Resources. A few years ago I put on an institutional event which tried to make staff more aware of open materials which were available and only a few staff attended. I feel that we are beginning to see a culture change where this material is now more readily accepted and the opportunities for using it are being recognised. I know that there are still many staff who are still adjusting to this way of thinking but it is a change which will benefit institutions in the long run.

As an institution we do not yet have a centralised OER repository although this has been identified as a need in next year’s strategy papers. Leicester already have a repository – and DMU is developing one for TIGER as part of this project. I anticipate a knowledge exchange in best practice in setting up a repository which will benefit us for the future.

Now that we are 2.5 months into the project I can provide a quick reflection on the startup period. This has been very intensive on the paperwork side as project plan and consortium agreements were being developed and the startup meetings for the core and steering group occured. I’m looking forward to now seeing some of the outputs which we have been anticipating as part of the project.

I do feel privilidged to be involved with a substantial project such as TIGER and have enjoyed the networking with a wide range of professionals who make me appreciate how much more I need to learn each day.

The next few months will no doubt be challenging as we move TIGER into maturity but rewarding on a personal, organisational and sector level.

Rob Howe

TIGER – Project Director

12th November, 2010

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