Medical students get iPhones for their study

My colleague Terese Bird shared this news with me, which might have some implications for TIGER. Medical students at Leeds University are given iPhones as part of their study. The medical students in their final two years spend much of their time in hospitals, GP surgeries and clinics. The iPhones give them the opportunity to stay in contact with the tutors, course materials and textbooks.

For TIGER, if we make OERs in mobile format, we could increase the chance that students and practitioners in place of work want to use them.

Ming Nie, 12 Nov 2010

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1 Response to Medical students get iPhones for their study

  1. Gary Denby - TIGER Academic Support UoN says:

    I agree Ming, small screen format for some materials may be appropriate. However, I wonder whether the supply of free hand held devices to medical students is likely to be spread to many other health and social care students?

    Might this highlight one of many significant contrasts within the TIGER client groups, that of funding! Early days Inter-Professional Education (IPE) included mainly medical students (they had the cash) and nursing students (they had the high numbers of students). Consequently, many early IPE endeavours sought to equalise (if not outright suppress) the differences between the student professions within the IPE groups – hence the use of ground rules to set a level playing field! However, my IPE research tentatively suggested that the professional differences should be drawn out by the materials, for within these lie many of the barriers that prevent effective multi-disciplinary working. For example, what is considered to be good evidence? How might this slant our OER materials?

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