Reflections from the TIGER Teaching Fellows…..(so far)

As part of the last TIGER core meeting the Teaching Fellows (Gary, Chris, Nick and Neena)  were asked to introduce themsleves and indicate what TIGER means to them at this stage. The Fellows are directed by the Academic Leads and all TIGER OERs will at some point pass by them. Their reflections are listed below:

Gary Denby – I was 20 years in IT, then completed my re-training as a Podiatrist at the University of Northampton (UoN) in 2005.  I am still a practicing podiatrist, as a start-up business in its 6th year  This takes about 2 days per week (mostly Tuesdays…).  Between 2005 and 2010 I was undertaking post-grad research into Podiatry and Inter-Professional Education (IPE).  It was intended to be a PhD but my supervision and consequently the assembled data was not of a sufficiently narrow focus to develop new theory… hence an M.Phil rather than PhD.  That’s life, but it has led to being a part of TIGER, and maybe part-time lecturing next year…  I met some inter-professional situations as a trainee podiatrist, but not much in private practice (though I often wear a physiotherapist hat!).  As a post-grad researcher, I did facilitate IPE at UoN for three years, some face-to-face (LIP1 materials) and some interactive on-line with Blogs and Wikis (LIP2 materials) on NILE (Northampton Interactive Learning Environment – a version of Blackboard)

Chris Hebbes  
I’m an Acute Care Common Stem trainee, which means essentially a medic with some interest in acute care.  My main specialty is intensive care, from an anaesthetic perspective.  I’m also an educational fellow at the university of Leicester and am employed part time, approximately 2 days a week, although that is averaged, as I work shifts and funny hours at times.
I’ve been through some of the IPE work in the Leicester curriculum as a student.  My main interests at the moment are patient safety and simulation, particularly human factors, which are very important in my specialty of anaesthesia.
The specialty as a whole is investing in team training, looking at IPE and I hope this will be a very valuable contribution to the field.  Apart from that, I’m completing a MSc in Medical Education and teach at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  I’m also working with the East Midlands Mentoring group, currently a trainee facilitator.  When I’m not doing that, I’d like to be on the end of a rope off a big rock somewhere, but that doesn’t happen as much as I’d like.

Nick Court
My work as a developer of eLearning resources does involve working with a number of professions  … but on  more of a client /customer kind of relationship.  I can’t say that I am experienced in the IP field.

Prior to working at the Uni of Leicester I did work as a decorative painter .. and that did involve working in buildings with a number of different professions!! But there weren’t a lot of steering groups or committees to direct the workload …

However, being a sullen computer guy in a dingey office for a number of years has lead me to being involved with TIGER. Working on this type of project is a new experience for me .. and it is already proving to be educational.  Hoping for some successful outcomes

Neena Lakhani  
I am a pharmacist, and I currently practice as a community pharmacist (part time) and a consultant prescribing advisor with GPs (part time).  I am also a senior lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice at DMU (part time).  All these little part time roles add up to 0.6WTE and hence I have taken on the TIGER project…….I must admit this is daunting!
I have just submitted my PhD and awaiting to do my viva in January-hence I need to make up (financially) for lost time.  I have been a pharmacist for 30 years-no guesses at my age… 
My practice has taken me through hospital, community and primary care settings.  My relationship with IPE started in 2004-5 when DMU Head of School of Pharmacy decided to introduce this concept for Pharmacy students, and the collaboration with Northants and Leicester University started then.  Ali. Liz, Jacqui, Angela Lennox, Sandy Goodyer and a small team of us started to write some of this material and teach in small teams,  and we formed a special relationship and look at what this has now grown into!  Its been a helter skelter ride and I have really enjoyed it!  I have made some fantastic friends through this collaboration.  We have had between us many conference presentations and I have also got 2 IPE articles published, and a book chapter that will be published next year. 
For pharmacy, inter-professional collaboration is so vital, particularly for community pharmacists who work in relative isolation.  I was very much part of a team when I worked in hospital, but in Primary Care (GP land) and community settings this is completely different ball game.  Even when I started in hospital 30 years ago, the  working collaboration between pharmacists and the rest of the ward teams was precarious, but this has now moved on and pharmacists are being welcomed more into multi-disciplinary teams.  But the case in primary care is just like when I first started in hospital.  Things are supposed to be moving on, what with the new NHS changes and policies, but the IP collaboration still very tenuous.
I am looking forward to producing something that can be used by all students, particularly at international level, as I have made so many international friends through IPE!  I hope we can all have fun and support each other getting this project together.

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