Results of the Northampton School of Health TIGER presentation 8-12-10

Rob H, Ali (supported by Pete) presented on the TIGER project at the Annual School of Health awayday on 8th December 2010.

The Prezi  may be found at:

In addition to using Lego to demonstrate the concepts of OERs, we polled the staff present on their experience of OERs.

PRIOR to the presentation 98% indicate they already use material from other sources and 91.8% are sharing their resources with others. (Unfortunately we did not ask if this was only within the University or not)

AFTER the TIGER presentation, 91.1 % indicated that they are now MORE likely to use OERs than before (8.9% indicated no change).

With regard to sharing the OERs, 47.6% indicated that they are now more likely to provide materials for OERs, 50% indicated no change and 2.4% are now less likely to provide an OER (possibly due to further thoughts on quality and copyright).

Whilst not strictly scientific, it would appear that the TIGER presentation did lead to some culture change in the group and a raising of the OER agenda.

Looking forward to the next presentation at DMU on Tuesday 14th December with Jacqui and Vivien (TIGER, Tina, SCOOTER).

Rob H


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