Some initial reflections from a Teching Fellow

I talked to Nick Court, one of the Teaching Fellows on the TIGER project yesterday. Nick works as an e-learning developer for the School of Medicine, University of Leicester, and is currently converting two materials into OERs:

  1. Strand One IPE workbook: Introduction to team working and collaborative practice in Health and Social Care. There are two versions of this material: one for undergraduates, one for postgraduates.
  2. Introductory lecture and video

Nick reflected on the problems or issues that he had experienced in the process of turning these materials into OERs. These are summarized in three key points:

1. Turning material used in a face-to-face context into e-resource: Information and instructions for facilitators need to be developed and reworded to address to the facilitators.

2. Copyright issues within the introductory video. These include:

  • Music sound track: the original agreement doesn’t allow the music to be used outside the learning environment or outside the university. Nick used another copyright cleared music for the video.
  • The voice: Nick re-recorded the introductory video using his own voice throughout.
  • The content: Nick cut down the original video from 25 minutes to 5 minutes, with content we could use.

3. Converting contextualized information into generic information: For example, cutting down the use of examples from NHS, or adding specific instructions at the beginning of the example, explaining the context of the example, e.g. ‘this example is used in association with NHS, the National Health System in the UK, you might want to adapt this to your own system….’, etc.

Ming Nie              04 Feb 2011


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