Accessibility discussion with EA Draffan (3rd March)

On Thursday 3rd March, Rob a useful discussion on OER accessibility with Gemma Towle and EA Draffan.

EA has extensive experience in the field of accessibility and is currently working on projects within this area.

We discussed the nature of repositories and EA mentioned the Southampton repository (  

Noted that there were issues with regard to Apple devices and Xerte as Flash is blocked.

EA reported that a recent survey revealed the increasing issue of disabled users and increasing use of smart devices

If students are reading on a mobile device then may have the issue of the small screen and also the problem of reading material

EA noted many dyslexic students using the IPad use the touch and read functionality.

If using material on a mobile then the formatting is critical – as printing costs go up then reading on screen may become more common.

Mix and matching material in OERs can create navigational issues (one video may be captioned) another may not. How do we maintain quality when we cut between OER repositories.

EA noted that the Australian government recently reviewed the accessibility of PDF documents:

We discussed the fact that the blending of items which are meant to be open and then ensuring that these provide an accessible flow through the material may actually take some academics more time to create final content. This led to a discussion on the possible need for OER standards to ensure that material is easy to mix and reuse. We looked at the generic framework which was provided for the pilot programme:

Rob mentioned that we hoped to use Xerte for TIGER – EA indicated that Xerte should be fine for a

powerpoint type of presentation and noted that a variety of formats is a positive rather than a negative.

EA talked about the presentation at Southampton on Copyright and IPR in OERs and referred to the report at :

We finished the conversation talking about the guides which may help provide a checklist of points which TIGER could use prior to releasing their OERs.

Many thanks to EA for her time with Gemma and myself

Rob Howe.


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  1. Hi Rob, you might find some of our reflections on issues around OERs and accessibility useful (this is something we are trying to develop in the context of C-SAP cascade project)

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