TIGER presentation at OER 11 conference

Yesterday, Jacqui and Ming presented TIGERat OER 11 conference at the Manchester Conference Centre.

The presentation focused on TIGER’s work in transforming and developing Interprofessional Education (IPE) materials as Open Education Resources (OERs). Jacqui began with an introduction to the TIGER project. She then moved on to explain what IPE is; what the regional strategy for IPE is; how IPE was taught across the three institutions; and why we need OERs for IPE. She demonstrated the OER topics that TIGER will deliver, and learning hours, and showed the TIGER repository. Ming’s part mainly focused on the evaluation of TIGER.  She talked about the evaluation process, shared the key findings from staff evaluation, and discussed plans for evaluation students’ experience and the future work for TIGER. The presentation can be downloaded here.

The presentation was well received. We had about 20-25 people attended our session. There were a few questions for us from the audience. One was asking about how we deal with copyright issues when using patient’s information, e.g. their images and data. Another question was about why OERs are needed or necessary for teaching IPE?

Ming Nie              13 May 2011


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